Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Games Day Germany 2013!!

I have recently attended Games Day Germany in Cologne.  It was an awesome event with such a talented range of European sculptors and painters. 

My Goblin King Golden Demon Entrée.

This image is "borrowed" from masterminis.net (Thanks Michael). :)  I'm the guy in the red shirt.


  1. It got into the finals of Germany but not UK. He was a bit of an experiment in style so I'm not at all disappointed.

  2. It's a lot darker than the other one.have you thought about sculpting peoples heads for adding to units. Not that I have any idea how long that would take.

  3. At the moment I stick to sculpting full figures but I may sculpt single heads as well if there is enough interest for it. Probably take me around 4 hours to produce :)